1938 Ahrens Fox HT Pumper
Sandusky, OH

This is a museum owned truck that began restoration in 2005, and was completed in 2010. The ex-Sandusky truck is a focal point for every tour of the museum with it's imposing chrome and richly decorated red body.

The truck had been stored in an unheated shed in Sandusky and the engine  block and heads were cracked by freezing water left in the engine.  We found a spare motor with the correct dual spark plug heads and replaced them.  We also repaired the cracks in the block.

The engine was started for the first time in many years in fall of 2004.
The brake cylinders were sleeved and rebuilt, as was the brake booster.  The radiator was boiled out and repainted and the aluminum shell, which had cracked into 4 seperate pieces,  was repaired and polished prior to starting.  
Much of the chrome had been redone several years ago.  It was bolted on to test fit, then removed again.
The fenders had been removed, blasted, epoxy primed, and replaced several years ago. 

Before restoration began in 2005

Transmission counter shaft with stripped 2nd gear

During our first drive after starting the truck, second gear made a terrible noise.  After removing and disassembling the transmission we know why.  The picture (left) of the countershaft shows the extensive damage to second gear, second from left.  We're searching for a better countershaft but it's more likely this one will need to be repaired.  

The HXE was a widely used engine. 210 HP, 935 cu. in. 6 cylinder

 Close up of the rebuilt HXE engine

The engine has been mounted in the frame-  take note of the distance from the front bumper to the engine. The pump is located in front of the engine

Major body and engine parts have been installed and the truck was driven outside. Note the location of the engine radiator, which will be behind the pump (not yet in place)

The pump transmission is almost ready to be installed

With most of the pump in place, work
continues on the engine cowl

The nozzle on the back step was donated by Asst Chief Mike Yost

Parked next to engine 921 at Sundusky's station 1. The HT was a huge
truck in it's day- and shows how big modern fire engines have become.

The truck is essentially complete although we still have some minor work such as windshield wipers to complete.

Thanks to everyone at Sandusky FD for all their help and kindness during our visit.

More info and photos of the 1938 HT are located here