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Welcome to the Reliance Fire Museum
in Estes Park, Colorado

The Reliance Fire Museum is proud to present a collection of American Firefighting pieces that tell the story of a fight that continues today. Firefighters using modern technology to combat the final decision of mother nature when fire strikes.

"Modern Technology" changes every year in the fire service, and our collection will offer you a glimpse into that evolution of technology as you browse over 100 years of advances- beginning with our 1901 Waterous Steam Pumper (that still pumps).

Most of our apparatus can be started and pumped on any day. In fact, our 1967 Snorkel was called out of retirement in 2009 to assist the local volunteer fire department during a multi-department effort to control a 20,000 square foot shopping mall fire. (read the story here)

It's not uncommon to see a Reliance truck cruising through downtown Estes Park as our volunteers exercise the engines and keep them in operating condition.

To see the Ultimate Restoration 1927 Ahrens Fox and a link to the trailer go to the Restorations page and then 1927 Ahrens Fox.

Look for our video episode of the series "Ultimate Restorations" titled "Ahrens Fox A Kansas City Treasure".  It's available on Amazon Prime or on the Ultimate Restoration Web Site. 

Also look for a new episode in late 2019 covering our restoration of a 1927 American LaFrance ex Los Angeles!

When you visit the Reliance Fire Museum, you'll have a chance to see one or several antique trucks in the process of being restored. We are fortunate to have a full service restoration shop in our museum. Our guided tours take you into the restoration shop where you might see the inside of an Ahrens Fox engine block, or the belly of an American LaFrance being painted (restoration shop is not accessible to self-guided tours).

We have preserved many of the techniques used in the original construction of older apparatus.  These include gold leaf decoration and striping, spinning of metal pieces such as steamer crowns, and rebuilding of engine and pumps with leather seals and/or rubber valves.

When you visit, you'll see, smell and feel the power of the fire engine, as they originally served your metropolitan and rural communities.

In addition to visiting the museum, you might see our collection at both local events and National SPAAMFAA events.