Reliance Fire Museum


Gold leaf is applied to the coal box lettering.  Since we are not suer of the original owner of the Waters, we chose to letter it for our museum. 

The completed coal box.  It is missing scrolls on the corners, we are still trying to research the proper scroll design.

The pump after striping per the original glass negative photographs.

This striping design was uncovered by sanding through layers of original paint and reproduced exactly.

A crackling wood fire is used to warm up the 1913 boiler slowly to reduce stresses before adding coal for a hot fire.  They didn't do this back in the day, but they kept hot water in the boiler at all times for quick responseusing a stationary boiler in the firehouse.

The steamer on display during a 4 month loan to a museum in Kansas City.  The horse harness can be seen hanging to the left.