1918 American LaFrance Type 40 Pumper
Missouri Valley, Iowa Fire Department

Delivered to Missouri Valley, Iowa FD in 1918, this truck had been sidelined for a number of years with cracked water jackets on the engine, as well as a number of electrical and ignition problems.

It was also in need of a frame off paint job and decoration.  

Gold leaf has been applied to the hood

..after adding the black edging (hand painted black enamel)

..using the same enamel paint to add a drop shadow and outline to the lettering

The hood and fenders have been gold leafed, outlined and striped. They have not been clear coated yet, which will add the brilliant shine and protection.

Details included a new wood steering wheel, addition of the correct Sterling hand crank siren, lantern brackets, rebuild of magneto, upholstery repair, some plating, running board replacement and many other items. The truck underwent a 'frame off' restoration, where every part was completely disassembled after removal, sand blasted, repainted, then decorated with  gold leaf and correct striping. The radiator was re-cored with a modern radiator due to unrepairable damage to the original.


Final details falling into place, even the axe was decorated on this truck

Many of our trucks 'pose' in front of the Stanley hotel before leaving town. The Stanley Hotel is a famous local landmark, part of the Stanley Steam Car history and Steven King's novel The Shining.