1958 Pirsch Tillered Aerial 

This 1958 Pirsch 100' tillered aerial was owned by Beverly Hills, CA.

It was delivered after being shown on the floor of the International Fire Chief's Convention in LA that year after taking almost a year to build.

Pirsch was a small builder in Kenosha, WI and built their own ladders with a unique riveted, latticed aluminum design.

This truck was originally powered by a 6 cylinder Hall Scott gas engine but was upgraded to a 550 hp Detroit 12V-71 diesel engine in 1972.  Polished aluminum wheels and radial tires were added at that time as well.

The truck originally was equipped with a waterway and fixed ladder pipe at the end of the bed section but this was removed during it's service life.  A standard ladder pipe and special 3” hose was added as a replacement.

If you've been to Estes Park, you know that the downtown intersection of Moraine and Elkhorn is very tight, even for a pickup truck... which explains why so many bystanders get saucer eyed as this truck makes the corner and stays in one lane so effortlessly (tell THAT to the tiller man!).

When you tour the Museum, look for the great set of photos of this truck in and in front of its station in Beverly Hills- a beautiful art deco masterpiece in itself, no longer standing.