1928 American LaFrance 112RC Pumper

This truck is owned by the Museum after we found it in a field in Missouri.

It has been rebuilt from the frame up between 1994 - 2003.

It has a chain drive rear axle, and was built in Elmira, NY originally for the Lawrence, Kansas Fire Dept.

RC PWT  stands for Rotary pump, chain drive, triple combination pumper: Hose, Water & Pump.

This ALF is a reliable crowd pleaser at every car show and muster we attend. We must station a volunteer to be with the truck at all times since the temptation to climb on it for photographs is so intense for onlookers. We love to show the trucks and tell the story, while balancing the importance of keeping it in running, showroom condition.

Like most of our other trucks, this one would start up and run for the next local fire call if needed!

At it's first show, the 2003 regional VMCCA show held in Estes Park

Nearly complete, following an afternoon test drive through
beautiful Estes Park.