Actually, from our perspective, it's the Fire Truck and Santa- but most people would give Santa more attention than just an old 100' tiller truck from Beverly Hills- you know.

For several years, I have been at the theater welcoming Santa to throngs of little kids for the annual Christmas movie with Santa at Reel Mountain Theater in Estes Park. Since our family sold the theater last year, I finally got to help deliver Santa to the theater. Now I understand why Doug likes this assignment, delivering Santa to the theater. Fire truck owners take note:

If you add one Santa Claus to the top of the fire truck (probably any fire truck will do), you can apparently drive really slow, blow the siren really loud, ring the bell as much as you want and create a parade along whatever route you desire. No kidding! Just make sure Santa waves and smiles to every passing car- I was impressed by how many honks and waves this friendly mini-parade earned just traveling a mile into town on Hwy 34 from Santa's sleigh parking spot.

Driving Westbound on Highway 34 as we begin the descent into Estes Park. You can't hear the bell and siren, but rest assured that they're both clearing a path for Santa.

While the little kids stood in line for Santa, these smart Cub Scouts took a few minutes to become familiar with the controls for the 12 cylinder workhorse under the hood of the Beverly Hills tiller.

I enjoyed my view from the tiller seat, and was able to get a couple of pictures in while we were on the straight-away, just before we arrived to over a hundred kids and their parents in line to visit with Santa before seeing a movie.

That wasn't enough for Doug, who after chatting with the families at the theater, in his warm turnout coat with his sparkling Diet Coke from the theater soda fountain- suggested that we take the truck around the Lake to 'work the engine a little bit'.

Raised to about 3/4 height and a 60 degree angle between tractor and trailer, the truck is ready to work. We always enjoy operating the trucks when the conditions are right. Today's conditions: sunny, no wind, open parking all over town.

I was game (remember the tillerman makes very few decisions about where to go) and followed Doug's lead obediently. After a few miles of subzero wind chill, we stopped at the fairgrounds to raise the ladder and take full advantage of the beautiful sunny day- without even a breeze (when parked).

It was a good day for the museum: Santa, raising the tiller and a free bag of popcorn!