There is a large crank on both sides of the truck to raise the water tower, hand powered!

 Last month, in preparation for the open house- we pulled the water tower onto the apron in front of the garage doors and set the tower up.... Actually, Trevor and Andrew set the tower up, by hand, with elbow grease. In the old days, the firefighters were real men! Cranking the tower up at the scene of a fire was probably pretty quick, fueled by adrenaline at the curb of a hot building fire- but today, we had time to reflect on the good old days, and how far fire equipment has evolved.

 It's always cool to unfurl the 50' flag and suspend it from the snorkel- so we did that, too. The nice weather was teasing us into pulling out all the stops for the March open house.

We'll have another open house this weekend- on the 21st of April from 10-12... See you there!

After the open house, as a little reward, we set out to work the engines a little bit with a drive through Estes Park, our own mini-parade.