Raising the flag before the tours began. Attached to the basket of the snorkel, the huge American flag makes a great impression.

Getting cleaned up for this months public tour day, I received a call from a lady that reported to me a large bird (eagle?) that had gotten it's leg caught in the light fixture at the football field, 50' in the air. She knew who to call! Not to brag, but at the Reliance Fire Museum, we do have the longest ladder in town, and we're quick. In fact, after chatting with the transportation director for the school district (also a volunteer firefighter) we hopped in the Beverly Hills tiller and headed for the High School field.

Enroute we got the call that the Osprey had freed itself after being stuck for 30 minutes, and we were no longer needed. Being close, we stopped by and ended up picking up Lt Kearney, who had never driven the back end of the tiller truck before.

Like all of us, he was glad to hop on and learn as he went. Thanks to the headset intercom with the driver, Doug could coach him on how to maneuver the back end while traveling. They made it all the way back to the museum without incident, and I hear that Justin's smile lasted for hours after they put the truck away.

Just about to make the turn onto Hwy 36 from Northbound Hwy 7, Justin either looks very confident or slightly nervous, it's hard to tell.


Way to go Justin! Every fireman's dream, I think, is to 'tiller'. If you're in the right place at the right time, you, too may have the chance to drive the big truck...


At the end of the event, putting the flag away takes a few people. Here, Ethan Igel, Gary Shanafelt, Kent and Judi Smith help fold the flag correctly after the basket has been lowered.